Around Here, Lately

 Farewell to Palm Springs

One last weekend helping settle my late great-uncle's home in Palm Springs.

 Swings with Poppy

Swings with Poppy.

 Palm Springs Sunset

This sunset.

 Emmie's 2nd Birthday Party

Friends and family getting cozy in our tiny home (after being rained out at the park) to celebrate Emmie's 2nd birthday.

 Leftover Birthday Flowers

Leftover birthday flowers.

 Little Feminist Books

These Little Feminist books (a birthday gift from a special auntie) and the little girl who has become obsessed with them.

 Creative Family Manifesto by Amanda Blake Soule

This new book, gifted to our family from a very thoughtful friend.

 Snuggles with Dada

Finally all feeling healthy after a bout of sickness.


Saying farewell to our bed and sharing a room with Emmie - more on that soon!