Weekend Escape: Mill Valley, CA

In early May we ventured North to Mill Valley to celebrate four years of marriage. We first fell in love with the foresty wonderland on our second anniversary trip and had been eager to return ever since. Before heading to our weekend retreat we stopped in Oakland at the beloved Blue Bottle Coffee and dined at Foreign Cinema in San Francisco.


Into the woods we went . . .

The Mill Valley Public Library is a beautiful mid-century modern designed space with huge floor to ceiling windows to enjoy the surrounding redwood grove at Old Mill Park. As library nerds, tree lovers and mid-century modern fans, we were pretty giddy.

A stunning drive along the coast highway led us to the Dipsea Trail, known as home to the oldest trail race in America. We trekked up a dirt trail overlooking Stinson Beach into a canopy of ferns and redwoods. Every so often an ultrarunner would barrel by headed for the finish of the Miwok 100K as we slowly hiked over roots and rocks, breathing in the redwood giants.

We ended our trip just as we started, with Blue Bottle Coffee at the Heath Ceramics Cafe

After drooling over every item at Heath, we did some walking and eating through the Mission District and Hayes Valley before catching our flight home. The Rebel Within at Craftsman and Wolves was an especially delicious and mysterious treat. We're still wondering which came first, the muffin or the egg?

(iPhone 5 and Polaroid 600)