National Park Hop: Day One | Zion

Some people bar hop. We National Park hop.

Last August we road tripped from San Diego, through Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, to Kansas, eventually ending in Nebraska to visit Luke's family and meet our new niece.

To maximize our week and a half adventure, we hoped to drive on the way out and fly on the way back. Without wanting to rent a car or leave ours in the midwest, we had no obvious answer on how to make that happen, but continued to map our route and hope for a one way car to appear.

A few weeks before leaving, we found out our friends from L.A. were moving to Wisconsin and needed their minivan delivered across country . . . during the exact same time we were planning to drive across country. We were dumbfounded. It was a moment that made us feel like we were supposed to take this trip. So we packed their tricked out Honda Odyssey and hit the road.

Along the way we visited and camped at as many National Parks as we could, starting with Zion.

After hours of two lane highways and what Kate already thought of as cool rocks, we arrived at Zion National Park, eagerly bought our National Parks Pass, and marveled at the massive red cliffs.

Without a campsite reservation and the sun quickly setting, we zig zagged our way east on Zion-Mount Carmel Highway through narrow switchbacks and sandstone tunnels until we found a decent campsite just outside the park across from tchotchke filled Zion Mountain Trading Post.