Introducing Emmeline Royal

We joyfully welcomed our daughter Emmeline "Emmie" Royal into the world on March 3rd at 10:36 in the morning after 17 exhausting but beautiful hours of labor. Weighing 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20 inches tall, she came out bright eyed and ready to steal our hearts.

Emmie is sweet and squirmy. She loves skin to skin and falling asleep on our chests. She breaks out of daddy's swaddles with ease. She sometimes burps like a grown man. While sound asleep she makes noises that sound like every animal in the zoo and makes faces that reflect the entirety of human emotion - all in a matter of seconds. Simply put, we think she's perfect.

We've been loving every sleep deprived second of being her parents. She has already grown so much and we can't believe how quickly time is flying. Each day feels new and different and we're trying to savor it all.