Women's March San Diego: Why I March

For the past few months, like many others, I've wrestled with my thoughts surrounding the election: upset and urged to respond but unsure how to navigate my convictions, not knowing what to do or where to begin.

I have never been especially political. It's been easy to remain comfortable - apathetic at worst, hopeful at best - with the trajectory of our country. But a few things changed me last year. I became a mother. I had a daughter. I transitioned from working full-time to raising her full-time. These new roles have brought a new strength, resilience, and determination I hadn't known before. I am no longer just living for myself or comfortable with my political indifference.

I cannot sit by idle watching as others rise to their feet, lift up their hands, and raise their voices to say the very things I feel inside. I cannot assume there are enough feet and hands and voices to do the work. It is our duty as decent human beings to defend truth. Every one of us willing to stand and speak is needed, and matters.

The Women's March was a catalyst. I met and stood with a retired civics teacher and an immigrant from India. All three of us were dropped off by our husbands, all three of us had arrived alone, yet there was not a solitary feeling among us. We were unified in resistance to the new regime that threatens true equality, freedom, and justice for all Americans. It was a beautiful, peaceful, powerful morning. And it is just the beginning.