Making: Party Animal Hats


I made little party hats for Emmie's toy animals to wear at her first birthday party.  It was painfully easy and really doesn't need much of a tutorial, but it was a simple, fun project and a good way for me to practice documenting the making of things.

I bought the tiny pom poms at our local craft store and used what I had around the house for the rest of the materials.  I made a dozen party hats in about half an hour.  Here's what I used and how I made them.

I eyeballed the hat shape and cut a template out of craft paper.

I then overlaid the template on a cut-out circle of the pretty paper to make the party hat cut-out.


Wrapped the party hat cut-out around to make the hat shape and added a dollop of hot glue to the edge.


Added another dollop of hot glue to the pointy top, stuck a tiny pom pom on top, and voila!


I mentioned it was easy, right?


On party day I positioned the animals in a parade line-up and placed the party hats on their heads.  They turned out to be pretty tame party animals and the hats stayed put throughout the entire party without any extra taping or finagling.  They added a fun, whimsical detail to the party and made the birthday girl point, squeal, and growl at them whenever she passed.  We even kept them around the week after the party - because what's more fun than eating breakfast next to a parade of party animals?