Moments in February

We survived a month of rainy days, runny noses, and rampant teething with renewed gratitude for our health, hints of Spring, and the anticipation of a first birthday right around the corner. Here are some of our moments in February.

spring blossoms / peek-a-boo / from where we stand / morning canyon walk / surprise foraged valentine flowers / overcoming her beard fear (aka uncle Dane) / groceries bought for us by a complete stranger (tears and hugs followed) / her love of my childhood Teddy and constant walking around the house with him / dirty window with a view / our snuggly bookworm / canyon run / pretty latte / seeing a real elephant for the first time / glazed donuts made with canned biscuit dough / her first two teeth and that side smile / little feet getting bigger and quicker everyday / seeing the amazing musical Freaky Friday (so proud of a brilliant cousin behind it) / helping Mama with a little project